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Regarding the prints that I post:
- All prints are available to buy at the time of posting. All credit is given to the artist and/or print studio or shop that sells them.
- I don't (usually) post giclee/digital prints unless they are the bomb-diggity.
- I don't post prints simply based on their release, they are simply available to buy at time of posting.
- I don't usually post the paper information but try to stay away from posting prints on non-archival paper.
- I most certainly have allegiances to certain print studios and I don't attempt to hide it.

thanks for checking out papertrail!

    Sold (London), Geometric Screenprint in Blue/Pink, A3, Edition of 50, Available here.

    Sold (London), Geometric Screenprint in Blue/Pink, A3, Edition of 50, Available here.

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