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    Five Prints of Frida Kahlo

    First up on my corny Cinco de Mayo 5 prints extravaganza is the iconic Frida Kahlo. OF COURSE people love this woman: she made kick-ass art with that “is it grotesque or is it beautiful?” aspect, had serious cache through a teeny tiny oeuvre (yes, i used it) of mostly self-portraits, plus the fact that her personal style was simply amazing. I love that quote from the preface of her journal- I’m sorry i forget to wrote it- who said that you could always hear her coming  before you saw her due to the jingle-jangle of her jewelry. Ok ok ok… I could go on and on- but obviously other people agree.

    Raul Caracosa,”Young Frida” 9-color silkscreen, 32x42. The Edition size is 40 per color way ( Backgrounds: Yellow, Hot Pink, Neon Green or Blue). Call 323.342.1954 for availability.

    Raul Caracosa, "Young Frida"

    Paint4Ethiopia (etsy), "Frida" Screenprinted Card. I love this one because it reminds me of that "jingle-jangle" quote and has fabulous sense of movement and the flowers are just perfect. Plus its $2, you can’t beat that.

    Richard Duardo, ”Small Long Frida”, Hand-Painted-Multiple which means that each one is hand painted with watercolor and silkscreened as well. Essentially this makes every print different. This is an open edition and I believe they list at $250.  There is also a large version. Call 323.342.1954 to purchase.

    Emily Valenza, “Frida Mellifera” Linocut Print, 8x10, $40. Love that honeycomb background and the direct gaze. This print also has different backgrounds to choose from. Available here on etsy. 

    DWITT, “Frida Kahlo Last Words”, 2-color silkscreen (one is metallic gold), 12.5x19, Limited Edition of 36, $20 Available here on etsy.

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